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The Hidden Speed Academy

In athletics, speed is everything. How can you tell an athlete to run at 18 mph when they can only physically run at 16 mph. Welcome to the Hidden Speed Academy. We tap into your hidden speed and make you run at the fastest speed you have ever run in your entire life.

How do you know your full potential speed? At the Hidden Speed Academy, we take off 30% of your bodyweight in a secure harness and then place you on a treadmill that goes up to 31 mph. With less body weight, you are able to run at much faster speeds. This trains your nerves and muscles in your body to react faster and enables you to run at a much faster speed. Athletes can start training with us as young as 10 years of age. Our process creates faster and more confident athletes on the playing field.

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In all sports, SPEED is everything.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Children can start training as early as 7 or 8 years of age.

It’s easy to get started. Use any one of the following:

1. the Hidden Speed app (download from iTunes or Google Play)
3. call 337-706-5018
4. mind and body app (search for Hidden Speed Academy)

Sure, anyone can try a free demo. Please schedule an appointment with our coach Stacy Robinson. If you call us directly, we can put you in. (Note: there’s a $20 fee on the Mind and Body app; however, we apply that $20 towards your first session)

Depending on each athlete, you can expect to see results (oftentimes significant) within 8-12 sessions. This means improved speed in all directions.

Each session is 1 hour.

Each athlete is required to get a full assessment from one of our Hidden Speed doctors prior to starting our speed training sessions.

On the ground, you don’t want to run any faster than your top speed because of fear that you’ll fall or injury something. Our harnesses take 30% of your bodyweight off and allow you to run at a much faster speed (your hidden speed) without this fear.

Absolutely, we take all precautions to protect each athlete while training.

Absolutely, our protocols and machines help athletes to improve speed forwards, backwards, sideways, and starting with both the right or left foot.

Yes, the personal training coach will be working closely with the athlete to monitor his progress.

Why Choose Hidden Speed Academy?

Fitness & Performance Training

Offering a pecific training designed to meet the fitness and rehab goals of the adult client and high level physical enhancement scientifically developed by experts in human performance biomechanics and rehabilitation.

Evaluated for Deficits & Imbalances

All athletes are evaluated for Biomechanical and Nerve deficits/imbalances. The program addresses these issues first and then focuses in on improving physical performance.

Improve in all areas safely

Advance to the top of your game with increased speed, vertical jump, agility, flexibility,and strength. Our program is safe and improves gait, balance and posture.

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What People Have to Say

“This is great for all sports. My son is running faster and more effectively since we have enrolled in the program.”


“The trainers are very knowledgeable about how important nerves are in improving your speed. These are trained coaches and sports doctors who understand how the body works” 


“A big thanks to Dr. Morvant and Stacy Robinson for helping our boys improve their speed. They really look forward to the big “Finale” at the end of each session.”

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